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I am Blogging @ Book Lovers Inc., again

October 15, 2010


My New Book Lovers Inc Signature: Yes, I am an Intern. Disappearing for months will cause you to have to start over from the bottom. Lesson learned. LOL!!!

Just wanted to let you know that aside from picking Book Obsessed back up I I have also rejoined the Book Lovers Inc team. I will be doing occasional discussion posts and will appear regularly as a book reviewer.

Book Obsessed Girl on Book Lovers Inc.:

(10/13/10) I made my re-debut yesterday with a post titled The Accidental YA Reader which is about exactly what it sounds like: how I accidentally read my first YA book(s) in 22 years.  There is also a Giveaway with this post – leave a comment over at BLI on my post either helping me choose my next YA book to read or just share your thoughts and you’ll be entered to win a book of your choice from Book Depository (up to $10) – OPEN TO ANYWHERE BOOK DEPO SHIPS.

(10/14/10) Today I reviewed one of my new Favorite books, The Light of Asteria by Elizabeth Isaacs – an absolutely beautiful fantasy romance novel. And to answer the question those of you who have read the book  have on the tip of your tongue – NO The Light of Asteria is not the book(s) I wrote about yesterday. In fact I didn’t know it was considered YA until today when I saw it mentioned on another blog – causing me to jump over to the author’s website to confirm and sure enough there is was right in the header “YA Fantasy Author”! Unbelievable! Truth is I still don’t see it as YA but that’s how it’s being classified so what’s a BookObsessedGrl to do??? Anyway…go check out my review & then add The Light of Asteria to your TBR list. Believe me you will thank me later. It’s a keeper. Available in both trade paperback & e-book: links to each are  included in my review.

I will be posting reviews very soon – I have 6 months worth to catch up on so you’ll have lots of reviews to read.

24-Hour Read-a-Thon: October 9, 2010

I also, hope to do a close-out post or two tomorrow from the read-thon – just to give everyone closure & am explanation for why there were only 3 posts during the whole event.

That’s it for now!

Open Roads & Good Reads,


3 Comments leave one →
  1. October 20, 2010 01:57

    Oh wow, you do have a lot of reviews to catch up on. But glad to have you back. 🙂 Looking forward to them all.

  2. October 23, 2010 01:57

    I’m so glad you’re back. You were missed! 🙂

  3. October 24, 2010 01:57

    Looks like I’d better add it to my list. I’m struggling to catch up on blogging and reading too.

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