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How I became BookObsessed

Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web! I am Heather and I am BookObsessed! Due to unfortunate genetics and a few small accidents I am no longer able to work full-time outside of my home (for more info click here). The fortunate side of this is that I can now almost exclusively devote my days to the pursuit of two of my favorite things: Reading & Writing (and hopefully getting said writing published)! At 33 years old I have been an avid reader for approximately 26 years…yes, really that long. I live with Sunny South Florida with my very understand husband, 2 teen-aged daughters (go ahead do the math) and 4 endlessly entertaining felines.

I learned to really read when I was 6 years old but didn’t become a reader until the summer I turned 7, when the school sent me home with a “Summer Reading List”. It wasn’t so much the reading list itself that got me started on the path to becoming BookObsessed it was the note to parents at the bottom of the list that read something like…’Summer reading is not required but recommended. Please tell your children about the Summer Reading Contest. There will be first, second and third place prizes in each grade for the students who read the most books from this list during the summer.’ I was not a reader yet but I was already competitive and I was determined to win. That summer all I did was read – in the car, in the house, at the park, at the beach – I carried a book or two with me everywhere – to the point where my Mother had to yell at me in the mall to stop reading while I walked before I ran to someone or something! Thankfully my Mother was a reader herself so she took me to the library every time my stack ran out. By the time school started up again in the fall I had read almost every book on the list and was of course I was the 2 grade, first place winner. I don’t even remember what the first place prize was but to me the real prize was finding out that each new book took you to another world or wonderful characters and amazing places. It was all over but the shouting from there…I was BookObsessed and wonderfully doomed to be “that girl with the books”, as some still refer to me.

I am new to blogging so please bare with me as I find my feet and learn more about how to make my blog great!

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