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Spartans, Scoundrels, Witches & Zombies, Oh My!*Updated*

December 13, 2009

So, you want to know what’s going on at Book Obsessed and when? Well, you can always check the link at the top that say “Who, What & Where?” – which is my version of an “Events” page or you can wait for me to do one of these li’l update posts. Super Cool, exciting stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks – okay most of it will actually be taking place the week between Christmas (12/25) and New Year’s Eve (12/31).*Specified the dates because the 1st of these posts will literally start on Christmas Day and end on New Year’s Eve.*  Any new exciting things that come up between now and Christmas I will go ahead and do an update post about or any additions to the week that fantastic week I will also update about as soon as I know.


Who, What & When?:


On December 25, 2009 – Christmas Day (Yes, you did read that right!) I will have an interview with Heather Long, author of Remembering Ashby and the recently released Prime Evil. Many of you will also recognize Heather as the mastermind behind the fantastical blog The Daily Dose. Of course since it will be Christmas day she will be bringing with her a couple of prizes to giveaway. (Contest will run from 12/25 – 12/31)

Click Here to view my interview of Heather Long, that was posted on Christmas Day. She will be checking in throughout the week and responding to comments & questions!









My Hubs will be making a very special guest appearence here to do guest reviews of all three of the Halo Books written by Eric Nylund. There are other books in the Halo franchise but Eric Nylund is a really good author and most including my husband would say that these three are the only Halo Books worth reading. I have read Fall of Reach and plan to read the other two as well, because FoR was really well written. I enjoyed it, but invited Hubs to do the reviews because he is our resident Halo expert and has read all three. I don’t have an exact day(s) for when he will be making his cameo apperance here, but as soon as I do – you’ll be the first to know!


On New Year’s Eve we will be partying Zombie Style with debut author,  Nancy Holzner who’s book of Deadtown hits stores everywhere (in the US) on 12/29! Nancy will be here guest blogging about how Zombies ring in the new year. I am currently reading Deadtown and I have to tell you these are not the kind of Zombies we’re all used to. Its a completely different take on Zombies and I am really enjoying how this story unfolds. The world she has built is also in habitated by all manner of SuperNats which only make it that much more interesting! Nancy of course will come bearing gifts also. I know what they are too but all I’m tellin’ you is 2 words: Prize Pack! It will be a One Day Only giveaway so MAKE SURE you mark you calender for this one, set a reminder and spread the word! Speaking of spreading the word, I have a couple of buttons you can take to use to spread the word! If you post one of the buttons on your blog sidebar or do a blog post about it you will automatically get +4 entries for the Prize Pack! Just leave a link to where you posted the button in the comments section here and your points will be added on New Year’s Eve.

Here are the buttons:




These fantastical button’s were made for my by Larrisa Sarah who also has a fantastic book blog called Larissa’s life. If you love the buttons she made me, then stop by her blog, tell her so  and have a look around!


And last but certainly not least….

Sometime in the next two weeks I also have the pleasure of welcoming Carrie Lofty to Book Obsessed for a day of guest blogging! I am not certain yet of whether or not it will be in the 12/25 – 12/31 week or if it will be even sooner than that, as with all things as soon as I know – you will too! This is definitely a book you don’t want to miss out on and a guest blog post you are sure to love!!! So stay tuned for further information.


That pretty much wraps up this edition of Who, What & When…I had originally planned to have a short blurb for each of the above mentioned books, but I couldn’t get the formatting to cooperate, so just click on the covers themselves to be taken to someplace where you’ll find blurbs and formatting isn’t an issue.

Cheers ya’ll.



THIS JUST IN!!! (12/13/09- Update)

Since my first love was Vampires I felt like it was totally and completely wrong to have all these SuperNats, Super Humans and well, Scoundrels represented without showing some love to my beloved Vamps! *Important note here: The Vamps I fell in love with DID NOT sparkle, couldn’t go out in the sun and would terrify many people. Two Words: Anne Rice. Yes, for those of you who didn’t know this – there were Vampires before there was Stephanie Meyer.* Because of my long-term Vamp-Love I asked Keith Melton, author of Blood Vice  if he’d like to represent the Vamps, specifically the type of Vamps I first loved and…he said YES! His book, Blood Vice is one that has been on my TBR list for a while and I can’t wait to read it. As Donna at Fantasy Dreamer Ramblings said in her review, Keith’s Vamps”…are not the romantic kind with souls that you see a lot of now a days in the realm of vampires.” That is a huge draw to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like many vampire books with the sweet, caring type in them – as long as they don’t sparkle – but I also miss the days when Vamps were “…beautiful and terrifying, with a cruel streak.” (another quote from Donna, that I couldn’t have said better myself) I will be interviewing Keith sometime the week of 12/25 – 12/31 and as soon as I have a firm date I will post it here. I can’t wait!!! (Click on the book cover for more information about purchasing Blood Vice.) **Update: Keith Melton’s Interview will be here on Monday, 12/28/09***

Breaking News! Nadia Lee will be joining us for an interview on Tuesday, 12/29/09! *Updated:12/23/09*

Because everyone wants, needs and deserves a Happily Ever After of their Own – I have invited Nadia Lee, author of the serialized paranormal romance/fairy tale, A Happily Ever After of Her Own and the contemporary romance novel Devil Falls, published as Angelle Trieste. We’ll talk writing, reading, fariy tales, romance and chasing your dreams. What’s a week full of the supernatural without some fairy tale talk? Not much if you ask me. Fairy Tales is where it all began for most of us. This is one you won’t want to miss! Nadia Lee, Interview: Tuesday, 12/29/09.

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  1. December 13, 2009 01:57

    Sounds like a great party!
    I put the button up on my blog! I will make you a post too next week!

    • December 13, 2009 01:57

      Thanks, Sweetie! Can’t wait to see your post & I’m sure my Zombie button looks fantastical on your blog! LOL 🙂

  2. December 14, 2009 01:57

    Ah yes, I agree. The only time vampires should sparkle is if they happen to be on fire.

    I want to read that Deadtown book. It sounds great, and so does Prime Evil.

    Halo. Sweet. I look forward to those reviews.

  3. December 14, 2009 01:57

    It sounds like you’re very busy! I grabbed a New Years button for my page. Love your blog button!

  4. December 14, 2009 01:57

    I think my boyfriend read the Halo books. He’s a fan of the games; me, not so much. 😉

  5. December 14, 2009 01:57

    You have some great parties planned here! They all sound like fun. I am going to have to check them all out here as they come around. I will probably have to read them afterwards with all the running we have planned for the holidays. But I will definitely stop by after each one to check them out.

    Have loads of fun!

  6. December 15, 2009 01:57

    Loving the upcoming events hun!!! It was my pleasure making the button for you =))) Im adding it to my blog right now hehe


  7. December 15, 2009 01:57

    Wow. I’m definitely stopping by and will tell people!



  8. December 15, 2009 01:57

    Aww, you quoted me!! *blushes* I hope you enjoy Blood Vice, I can’t wait till Keith comes out with the next novel. I like his vamps – scary but sexy. 🙂

  9. December 21, 2009 01:57

    great picks. i have the button on my sidebar

    and here:


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