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Countdown to Connect the Dots Blog-Game!

December 10, 2009

I wish I had been able to put this post up at the beginning of the game and give you all a complete countdown. Unfortunately, I had WordPress issues that kept me from blogging much at all. As it turns out the majority of the problem was an update to the browser I primarily use – Opera 10, which is a fabulous browser that uses a very small amount of RAM and has great add-ons. Everything was great until the most recent update caused it to no longer be compatible with WordPress. It took me a week to figure out that was the problem and switch over to IE (which I am not a fan of) for my blogging needs and now we once again have lift-off! Fortunately, I did figure it out in time to give you all a chance to get caught up on author, Denise Robbins’ Countdown to Connect the Dots Blog-Game!

WHAT???? YOU HAVEN’T HEARD ABOUT THE COUNTDOWN to CONNECT THE DOTS BLOG-GAME? Well then please allow me to fill you in. Especially since tomorrows blog-dot will be RIGHT HERE! Yup, that’s right I have the highly coveted honor of being able to interview Denise Robbins’ herself!!!! *deep breaths, breath in & out- slllooowwwlllyy – its just my first try at interviewing no big deal right? Uh-oh, keep breathing…*

Countdown to Connect the Dots is similar to the 12 days of Christmas except instead of 12 days there are 15 and instead of ending in Christmas we end up with the release of Denise Robbins new book Connect the Dots! (Which believe me runs a close second to ending up at Christmas!) Here’s how it works: Each day since December 1st there has been a question on one blog and an answer on the next blog the day after. Your goal is to connect the blog-dots! For each stop you just need to go back to Denise’s blog and comment with that days answer. There have been random prizes along the way and there is a Grand Prize at the end for the person who has the most correct answers at Denise’s blog! The Grand Prize will be signed copies of all three of Denise’s books, plus an array of other fun items, like posters, bookmarks, and the game Connect-the-Dots! In keeping with her mystery/thriller genre she holding the exact details of what will arrive in the Grand Prize box close to her chest.

Here is the list of blog-dot stops leading back here tomorrow (Thurday, December 10, 2009):

*in order from day 1 down* (Start) (End- and also where to file your answers)

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  1. December 10, 2009 01:57

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to read the interview!
    And I’m not a spammer *wink*

  2. December 10, 2009 01:57

    This sounds great, I. Will def. Catch up when I get my net back!


  1. Connect the Dots, Interview and Contest with Denise Robbins! «

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