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My Extensive 24hr Read-a-Thon Pile(s)

October 24, 2009


Above are the books in my Primary Pile. These are my first choice books for the Read-a-Thon, but knowing myself like I do I have created a back-up pile (which ended up requiring 2 pictures instead of just 1). The back-up pile is available in case I don’t feel like reading anything in my primary pile when it comes time to go to the next book. What I choose to read & when all depends on my mood at that moment. So while I do want to read all of the books in both groups sometimes I am just in the mood for something else.

That said here are the books in the Back-up pile:



Some of them in each group are rereads but most are not. I generally don’t reread books but the ones included here are books I read as a child that are special to me. I remember scenes from them. I even remember the plots but I thought it would be interesting to see what I missed while reading them as a child that I will see as an adult. Plus they are short which makes them excellent choices for the Read-a-Thon.

Don’t forget to check in with me throughout the day to see what I’m reading!

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  1. October 24, 2009 01:57

    Cool! Hope you have fun, I wish I could do it but I’m working. 😦

  2. October 24, 2009 01:57

    OMFG you’ve got a Walter Moers book. I love him and his books. Great choice. Should be in the primary pile tho…LOL
    It’s not my fav but I read this one in 24hrs.
    The other books look great too.
    Enjoy your reading experience.

  3. October 24, 2009 01:57

    Have a wonderful Day; enjoy your books, and take time to rest as well. It is pouring here so it’s the perfect day to be in the house reading and relaxing!

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