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Book Related News of the Day & Other Tidbits…

September 4, 2009

Starting today I will be posting Book Related News of the Day & Other Tidbits every other day. Some days they will be long posts others they will be short. Most of the “Tidbits” will in someway still relate to books though not all will and most will have my side commentary (okay, they probably all will). If you have any suggestions on how I could improve these posts or any thoughts on the news/tidbits themselves I would love to hear it.

And Now onto the News…

E-Book Space Runs Out for 2010 CES Event – Interestingly Amazon is not on the list of vendors for this event even though they have dominated the E-Book for quite sometime. I wonder if they are feeling a bit over confident in their position. As someone who recently received an Sony 505 E-Reader as a birthday present I can confirm that sadly Amazon does have the largest selection (that I could find) and lowest prices but I don’t have a Kindle so it does me no good. So I am hoping that out of this event will come possibly more competitive prices and a wider array of options. Especially if Amazon isn’t even there. But maybe I am just nieve. 🙂

Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Results in Kids’s Reading Bronte – How you ask? Check out the new book cover shown in this article. What do you think?

The Edinburgh International Book Festival had a Record Braking Year – and here are some notes from inside the festival. Now we can all live vicariously.

Sneak Peek -Book Cover –  This morning Michelle G at Michelle’s Book Blog posted a sneak peek at the new cover for Victoria Laurie’s upcoming Ghouls Gone Wild, book number four in the Ghost Hunter Mystery series. Check out Michelle’s post here and while your there stay a bit and wonder around she has some great reviews and a contest going on that ends on 9/7.

The most misspelled English word is…This isn’t exactly new news (it came out a couple of weeks ago) but it is new to me and might be new to you!  What word do you misspell? The word I misspell IS the most misspelled English word! All I can say is thank God for spell-check!

Words that are commonly misusedThis is a similar article to the one above about . It is a poetically written and oddly fun article to read but it does come from a Barnes & Noble Book Club (Unabashedly Bookish Club) so sometimes it feels a bit like it’s just to sell books, but it is nonetheless (IMHO) it’s worth reading.

I just found something very coolon the Barnes & Nobel Book Clubs site (got sucked into browsing the site after reading the article above). There is a club called First Look Book Club that is offers opportunities to get FREE ARC’s (Advanced Reading Copies). The link will take you to the FAQ’s page that explains how the program works – it doesn’t mention however that one of the main requests they have is that you do not request an ARC and then not participate in the group discussions. I think that is only fair for a couple of reasons – 1) They are giving you a new book free of charge often times months before it hits book shelves. 2) They only have a limited quantity of these books to send out and it is not fair for someone to take advantage of the free book offer by requesting one just to have it before anyone else, when there are other people who really want to not only get the book but also be part of the discussion. If you want are truly interested the check it out. I will be and I will post my review after I have read the current ARC if I am lucky enough to get one before they run out.

Yesterday was the 40th Birthday of the Internet – If not for that fateful day 40 years ago I would not be able to be blogging right now and you would not be able to be reading my musings (or anyone else’s for that matter)  right now. There would be no Tweets, no up to the second news feeds, no World of Warcraft (I don’t play it but it seems everyone else does), no iPods(gasp!), no E-Books, Grassroots efforts would be much harder on peoples feet and perhaps very little of the innovation we have seen in the past several years, the list goes on and on so with that in mind we should all say “Happy Belated Birthday” to our beloved Internet (unless of course unlike me you said Happy B’day yesterday – then you are excused). I think maybe there should even be a National Holiday for it – you know one where everyone is out of work so they can celebrate by surfing the web & Blog-hopping! Plus that would make the Labor Day Holiday a 4-Day weekend. *I found the link original from*

Do You Have a Geek Marriage? – Here’s another one from Navigating a Geek Marriage is a short article/message about a couple who are both geeks but the husband is a Tech-Geek and the wife is a Literary/Book Junky Geek. Like I said it is short but the comments are great and I am sure this is something many of us live – I know I do!

One last thing…

Tomorrow is the Last day to opt-out of the Google Book Settlement Agreement: I originally saw this on the Dear Author Blog but her attached link connects here.  I will admit I do not understand all of the technicalities of this settlement but it does not seem like a good thing. It feels very much like a Monopoly being created right before our eye – which is illegal, though in recent years you wouldn’t know it. There are a total of three different links here that give information about it. Check it out especially if you are an author or aspiring author.

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