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A Storm that Could End All Storms

August 16, 2009

Cape Storm – by Rachel CaineCape Storm Rachel Caine

Rated: 3 Llamas

“***Contains spoilers***

I have to say this is not the best book in the Weather Warden Series. I love Joanne our heroine and her (mostly) husband the Djinn David. It is a fast paced book with lots of action as is the case of this series – but throughout the book it felt like something was missing. It almost feels like Rachel Caine is tired of these characters and trying to bring the series to an end. Prior to Gale Force (Weather Wardens #7) all of the books had a distinct ending. There was always an issue or two left unresolved that was picked up in the next book but up until book Gale Force (Book#7) the books never felt unfinished.

The story picks up shortly after the last book ended – maybe a day or so after Joanne & David’s wedding was interrupted by the apparently unkill-able villain Bad Bob had unleashed another demon on Joanne leaving behind a demon mark in the shape of a torch. The timing of Bad Bob’s attack (after David said his vows but before Joanne said hers) causes David to be bound to Joanne without her being bound to him. Creating a situation were the New Djinn through David’s connection to Joanne are vulnerable to being bound into service of the Wardens once again without any limits. Both David & Joanne knew by the end of Gale Force (Book #7) that their marriage would leave the New Djinn vulnerable to human binding but felt that through their bond they would be able to protect his Djinn from being enslaved.

As was the case in the first book David is able to create a containment area around the demon mark to keep it from effecting Joanne too much, however this demon mark is much more powerful than has been seen before and is a direct link to Bad Bob himself. It works almost like a listening device filtering information from Joanne’s mind straight to Bad Bob himself and possibly allowing Bad Bob to put thoughts into her head (though that is never confirmed) – making Joanne a liability.

The book opens with a magic infused monster of a Hurricane baring down on Miami, Florida. The hurricane was basically created by Bad Bob and bound to Joanne, so wherever she goes it follows. The other Wardens including Lewis the Leader of the Warden’s and the most powerful of them all (as well as Joanne’s oldest and dearest friend) all believe that the storm is being drawn to Miami because of the large number of Wardens all gathered in one place. So they commander (legally steal) a “Hurricane Proof” cruise ship and put half of the Warden’s on board in order to draw the Storm away from Miami. Lewis, Joanne, David, Cherise (the non-supernatural bad-ass BFF of Joanne) and a contingent of both New & Old Djinn are among those on board the ship as it sails into open water hoping to draw the storm after them.

Because of the Demon Mark Joanne is kept in the dark about many of the real plans that Lewis has made regarding how to deal with the storm & Bad Bob. It turns out this is a good call because Joanne is not strong enough this time to fight the demon inside her and Bad Bob is not about to give up easily. Lewis has to make some very difficult calls throughout the book and many times I was almost in tears as the story develops.

Overall it may possibly be the saddest, darkest book in the series. I read it fast but it was not an easy read for me because I have come to know and love these characters and my heart broke for them many times over. I am not happy with the path Caine is taking them down. It is well written but not how I would like to see it going. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. As I said in the beginning this book ends without feeling quite finished but if you are a Weather Warden fan it is worth the read. If you have not read the previous books I recommend starting at the beginning of the series. As a whole the series is well worth the ride!

* Rating system: 1 – 5 Llamas – 1=Not worth the time, 2 = Okay but not feelin’ it, 3 = Not My Fav but worth the price of admission, 4 = Really liked it & Recommend it, 5 = Loved it!

I have decided to use Llamas as my rating system because I love Llamas and they make me happy. When I find cute little Llama clip art I will add them to the ratings. 😛

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