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Welcome to Book Obsessed! If you love books you have come to the right place!!!

June 29, 2009

This blog is dedicated to my obsession with the written word – as the name implies. Here I will review and discuss books, post book related news and sale or promotional information on where to find the best prices for some of the books. (The only time I will deviate from books specifically is to offer up my opinion on what song or soundtrack would be perfect background music for a specific book – since music is my other obsession) There is no specific genre that I am absolutely loyal to – I go through phases so there may be many books from the same genre in a row or there may be books from all over the place – from SciFi to non-fiction. I am indiscriminate in my appetite for stories, words, books, e-books, audio books…gimme-gimme-gimme! However I do have a particular affinity for series’ – I love long series because if I fall in love with a cast of characters I don’t want it to say good-bye. Sometimes I just hate it when I am getting to the end of a novel – I try to slow-my-roll and draw it out (unless I know there is another one with the same characters just around the bend and then I plow forward!). I do not like series where each book is the story of a different character from the first book – I think that is a cop-out. I will usually read one book in the “series” and just be done with it because the following stories never live up to the first…but hey that’s just me…from what I have seen many authors are very successful with that type of story telling and I am happy for them – I just won’t be spending my money on those books. Right now I am on an Urban Fantasy & Vampire Kick – but last week I did read a book about ghosts/telepathy/telekenisis and one that is part of a mainstream thriller The Sisterhood: Rules of the Game series by Fern Michaels that I have been following for about a year now.

Just so you know I read anywhere from 2-4 books per week…yes, I do have an insane amount of time on my hands. That is due to being disabled and practically home-bound. (Although even when I was working 40 hrs a week I was reading at least 2 books a week – I read fast and used my smoke breaks, lunch breaks and any downtime at home to read.) I have Fibromyalgia, severe nerve damage in my lower back/left leg and Cataplexy that have conspired to take me out of the work force (though if my disability application doesn’t come through soon I may have to suffer (and I do mean suffer) through trying to keep at least a part time job – gotta support my book habit after all! I have lost 3 jobs due to excessive doctors appointment, having to take days off because I literally couldn’t walk and inability to luge around whatever crap my boss felt was beneath them to carry themselves (I was an Admin. Assistant – enough said!). I will not be discussing my conditions here because this page is just for fun escapism! I have set up another blog called Living in a House of Cards to discuss everything else including my conditions and you can find it here: I just set it up today so there are no posts yet but there will be shortly.

I hope you enjoy my book blogging as much as I enjoy my book reading!



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